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The company will realize
new history toward
becoming a 100-year old company.

SAMICK THK has grown into a smart factory solution company leading the industry in Korea through expansion of businesses executed every ten years—files in the 1960s, rice dispensers in the 1970s, and LM systems in the 1980s. Such wonderful growth of the company has been realized solely by support from customers and local communities, and I am sincerely grateful to them.

SAMICK THK has consistently recorded a history of growth and innovation for the past 60 years or so. The company has been committing its best endeavors to providing profits to all stakeholders including makers, sellers, and consumers since its establishment. Furthermore, it carried out change management for turning risks into opportunities with three major principles: transparent management for maintaining integrity; customer-satisfying management with the top technologies and products; and human-respecting management. Such management policies are the foundation of today's SAMICK THK.

SAMICK THK has major duties and responsibilities for committing its endeavors to growing as a value company that leads the new era in the verge of paradigm shift. The company will enhance its solidarity and concentration for securing the drive and sustainable growth of its organization, keep looking for new opportunities for the innovation of experiences of customers and consumers to implement the vision of company creating values of world-class space and motion, and make advancements as a global smart factory solution.

The history of the new era of ours will also provide infinite progress and values. SAMICK THK will fulfill its responsibilities to the communities and set a creative pace while fully accepting changes through growth and value generation. The company will continue its positive pace without settling for the status quo through everlasting spirit of challenge and aggressive innovation that have formed today's SAMICK THK. We at SAMICK promise to do our best to introduce a new history toward becoming a 100-year-old company.

CEO and Chairman, SAMICK THK
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