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Smart factory/solution

INTRODUCTION We create world-class spatial value


Smart Factory

The company will be the leader of smart solutions expanding value chains by systematically

connecting the collaboration ecosystem including the world's leading enterprises.

Smart Factory
Smart Automation System

The company provides robots and automation solutions optimized for the smart factory and
prompt response system based on precise design know-how built up in diverse industry fields.

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Smart Vision System

The company supports the improvement of quality and productivity of products satisfying the
requirements of customers at the smart factories through the data management system utilizing the
continuous development of optimal vision inspection system and identifying technologies.

#Vision system
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Smart Logistics System

The company contributes to transportation optimization by providing intellectual solutions in
logistics systems converging collaborative robots and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) in
various industrial fields including smart factories.


The company keeps developing smart factory solutions and smart equipment required for the
growth of customers based on technological competitiveness built with experiences in the
development of diverse kinds of equipment and robots.

Vision solution

Development of process inspection solution, vision system hardware & softwar

Motion solution

Development of super-precision stage for ink-jet equipment, air-bearing & air-bushing system

Intellectual controller

Owning source technologies of robot controller software system, hardware module

Cutting-edge technology

Development of precision control and learning-type vibration control through edge preservation and algorithm

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