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Autonomous Mobile Robots


Stronger and safer autonomous movement robot complying with top-level robot standards, capable of transporting heavy cargo (max. 1,350 kg)

Autonomous Mobile Robots line-up



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Max. payload 1350 kg

Size (length / width / height)

1350mm / 910mm / 322mm


247 kg

Max. speed

1.2 m/s (4.3 km/h)

Positioning accuracy

±100 mm on X-axis, ±83 mm on Y-axis, ±3.4° yaw

Maximum payload operational time

6h 45m

Minimum payload operational time

9h 50min

Floor condition

No water, no oil, no dirt


MiR Hook 250

Solution developed to satisfy the requirements for dynamic factory layout through improved software for traction and faster and more agile robot base

MiR Charge 48V

Fully automated charging station that allows robots to reload battery automatically, uses common power, can be easily integrated in various environments

Pallet Lift

Lift optimizing the transportation of heavy cargos and pallets

Shelf Lift

Lift capable of moving cargos of diverse dimensions flexibly without a pallet rack
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