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Smart factory/solution

History Management System


History Management System

ATLUS (Adaptive Tracing Logic Unit System) implements a system that manages and reports data by making use of recognition technology of individual units as required by customers through communication between facilities and between facilities and modules. The company will build an optimal environment for realizing customers’ smart factories.


Configuration of Smart Factory

Core capability


Applicability without restriction on every process and every facility line of any type in every industrial field through data processing algorithm technologies, data arrangement & reporting algorithm, and communication technologies inside the controllers

  • Enhances management efficiency by assigning a unique ID for each production unit and linking necessary information and data, and is capable of quickly identifying the cause of various issues that may arise and addressing them.
  • Facilitating the addition of management items thanks to rich scalability
  • Maximizing data transparency and integrity through process data
Global Coverage

Corporates are established and operated at strong points in Europe, US, and China to respond requests from customers such as CS, modification, and overhauling.

  • Extended experiences of setup and maintenance of diversified systems in Korea, China, North America, and Europe
  • Acquiring certifications domestically and abroad (e.g., KCS, CE, and UL)
Algorithm optimizing

Designing and applying optimal algorithm taking into account of operation environments, data collection methods, and manufacture systems.

  • Has exclusive code recognition algorithm, machine vision algorithm
  • Algorithm for applying deep learning and AI big data under development
Convergence Technology

Cooperative organization with manpower, rich in-house human resources, and partner organization system are operated for flexible response to the initial setup of large-scale lines as well as projects.

  • Experiences of responding to diversified PLC control system and communication system
  • Linkage with in-house machine vision system
  • ntegration system with robots and logistics systems of the company currently under development
  • Manpower and partner systems with responding availability and wide operation scope such as large-scale line setup, executing individual projects
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