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Collaborative Robots (COBOT)


Tabletop small collaborative robot adequate for confined work space

Collaborative Robots (COBOT) line-up



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제품 사양 내용
3 kg (6.6 lbs)


500 mm (19.7 in)

Degree of freedom

6 rotating joints

Pose repeatability

± 0.03 mm (ISO 9283 기준)

Installation area

⌀ 128 mm

Power consumption

General 100W, Max. 300W


12-inch touchscreen including a polyscope graphic user interface

Standard TCP speed

1 m/s (39.4 in/s)

IP rating

IP 44

ISO 14644-1 cleanroom classification


Force sensor, tool flange (force, x-y-z)

30.0N / 2.0N / 3.5N (Range / Resolution / Precision)

Force sensor, tool flange (torque, x-y-z)

10Nm / 0.1 Nm / 0.1 Nm (Range / Resolution / Precision)

Axis movement range

± 360° (base, shoulder, elbow, wrist 1, wrist 2) , infinite (wrist 3)

Maximum axis speed

± 180°/s (base, shoulder, elbow) , ± 360°/s (wrist 1, wrist 2, wrist 3)


HAND-E Adaptive Gripper

Gripper for collaborative robots that is ideal for precision assembly with high precision and wide stroke

2F-85 Gripper

Gripper for collaborative robot capable of selecting parts of diverse dimensions and shapes

EPICK Vacuum Gripper

Vacuum gripper connected to the wrist of collaborative robot not requiring air supply

AIRPICK Vacuum Gripper

Vacuum gripper of compact design for collaborative robot; low noise and powerful vacuum flow

Wrist Camera

Finding diverse parts in structured/non-structured environments by reading the barcode and 2D code

300-S Force Torque Sensor

Improving the reliability and flexibility of the robot through force control
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